Shady Oak Bernese Mountain Dogs and Shiba Inu

Bernese Mountain Dogs

AKC registered puppies for sale include the beautiful and affectionate Bernese Mountain Dogs and the good-natured companion Shiba Inu.

Puppies for Sale:

The following photos are of some of my outstanding Bernese Mountain Dogs of the past who are the ancestors of my present bloodlines and a few pictures of puppies from past litters that portray what life is like at Shady Oak Bernese Mountain Dogs and Shiba Inu.

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Big Bertha, mother of Debbie & Betty, OFA Ratings: Hips "Good," Elbows "Normal"
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Tammy, mother of Big Bertha, OFA Ratings: Hips "Good," Elbows "Normal"
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Grace, my original female Berner, mother of Tammy, great-grandmother of Debbie and Betty, OFA Ratings: Hips "Good," Elbows "Normal"
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Bethoven "Hercy", imported from Slovak Republic, son of renowned champion Joker, father of Big Bertha, grandfather of Debbie and Betty. A gentle, loving giant, weighing 120 lbs. who lived almost 13 years.
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This is me with Bethoven "Hercy" and Grace and one of their many litters of puppies.
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This little guy found a comfortable spot nestled between the roots of one of the big shady oaks.
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He's not quite sure what to think about the peafowl.
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Do you want to be friends?
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This little girl found her favorite spot in a hole of a concrete block!
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Can you see me?
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Another finds a wooden arch quite interesting!
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Relaxing in Harlan's office room is nice too!
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A ride with Mom and Dad in the back of Harlan's truck can be fun!
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Shadow with her first litter of puppies, born November 10, 2017.
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Shadow's first puppies
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Shiba Inu puppies playing
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Shadow's first son — Polar Bear
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One of my Shiba pups playing in the snow.

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